Key Tracks

Travel & Hospitality

The travel and tourism sector is generating 25.9 Mn jobs and a Rs 141.1 Billion GDP with India as the third-largest market by value in the APAC region. This session will explore the emerging trends and challenges & opportunities faced by this sector.

Media & Content

Digital platforms are proliferating and there lies tremendous opportunities. Indian Cinema has gained global popularity and the radio industry has catapulted due to localised outreach combined with original and regional content. This session will discuss the challenges and opportunity for the media, entertainment and content industry leading to new possibilities and job prospects for young India.

Logistics & On-demand: Home Sweet Home

The Indian logistics sector provides livelihood to roughly 22 million people. Globally, there is a demand for smarter, cost-effective and sustainable operation. With major disruptions in the logistics sector, startups are offering their resources to bigger giants. This session will explore new opportunities in the sector.

Healthcare: The Hidden Potential

Due to multiple challenges and lacunae, Indian healthcare is a space that presents numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs. A range of opportunities exist for healthcare entrepreneurs looking to make a difference. This session will explore the major voids in services and care-delivery that can, in turn, create job opportunities.

Fintech: Everyone’s game is Money

The Fintech sector holds the power to drive revolutionary change in the economy. With Indian Fintech software market poised to touch USD 2.4 billion by 2020 & non-financial players leveraging financial services to power their businesses, this panel explores the future of financial services and the “new bankers” of India.

Textile & Apparels: Weaving India’s Growth Story

The future of the global textiles & apparels industry will be shaped by costs, ease of market access & doing business, and technical innovations. As the second largest employment generator in the country, India is uniquely positioned to capitalise on this opportunity. This session will deep-dive into the new opportunities for entrepreneurs in the sector.

India’s Retail: Creating Jobs & Creating Wealth

The Indian urban consumers’ rising purchasing power has created a “deeper” market across various retail categories. As income levels and jobs go up, there is more cash to spend growing the markets further. This session will explore this cycle in many economies across the globe can only hope for.